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All set in Polignano a Mare for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Everything is almost ready for the only Italian stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series: this weekend, on Saturday, 22nd and Sunday 23rd, the lovely town Polignano a Mare, where houses rise from the cliffs, will turn into the cliff diving’s European home, hosting the new season of the best cliff diving’s event and the bravest divers all over the world.

For the third year, Polignano is ready to welcome thousands supporters that since the dawn will crowd the beach, the very famous Grottone and the Bridge to take the best places to watch the competition: last year, there were more than 70.000 people and the Italian stop was the most crowded event of all the Series! For sure, this year will be the same!

All the Italian people will support Alessandro De Rose, the athlete of Trieste Tuffi and National Team and also the only one who takes part in the World Series. He dreams about winning in Polignano. Italian supporters love him such as a big national hero: it will be a huge satisfaction for him to win here. He will participate also in the Fina World Cup in Budapest, on July, 28th.

A special guest will be part of the show: before the third round, Italian singer Baby-K will sing from the terrace near to the event spot to let all the public dance and to give energy to the divers.
For all the weekend thanks to the Red Bull Cliff Diving Virtual Reality Tour it will be possible to try the unique experience of cliff diving from 27 metres: you have only to wear the viewer, an immersive virtual reality technology, to feel the emotion of a cliff diving in the Adriatic Sea… standing on the ground!

On Sunday it will be possible to watch the event live streaming on Red Bull TV from 3.45 pm with the American Olimpic diver David Boudia, on, and on Facebook. It will be also possible to listen to RDS radio to be update and to watch the live event on Rai Sport, with the journalist Renato Piccoli and Tommaso Marconi, the former Italian Olimpic diver who win together with his brother Nicola.

We will be there in Polignano to support Red Bull and most of all our hero Alessandro!

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