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Say What supports EXHIBO to communicate audio top brands in Italy

Say What supports EXHIBO to define the communication strategy and to manage and develop Media Relations activities for Sennheiser, Monster, Klipsch, Jamo, TEAC, GPO and Vogel’s, the market leading audio brand distributed in Italy by the company based in Vedano al Lambro.

Thanks to its long experience in strategic advice and integrated communication, Say What supports EXHIBO in the management of multi-brand press office and Media Relations activities.

The agency will also advice the Company about strategic activities, such as events, placement, partnership and co-branding projects, in order to reinforce the positioning and the identity of each brand.

For over 50 years, EXHIBO has been committed in the selection for the Italian market of the World best audio products, known and appreciated for their quality, innovation and design.

Over the years the Company has become a reliable partner of the most important International Companies, offering a wide range of tailor-made and complete audio, ambient acoustic, sound proofing, integrated communication and security solutions.

Say What confirms to be the ideal partner in creation and development of strategic and long terms projects. Thanks to an accurate and efficient organization, each project becomes a unique, highly emotional and newsworthy chance to communicate in a customized way that represents people, companies, enterprises and institutions, producing tangible and measurable results.

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