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Audit & Survey


An efficient communication is based on listening. Every brand has its identity, that is deeply rooted in the mind of influencers and general public: listening to and understanding it is the starting point for creating right and efficient messages.
In order to understand the space the brand occupies in the mind of the public, we use the audit tool by involving journalists and bloggers. They have a privileged and rich in information perspective on the market. We interview them because they are professionals, but also purchasing managers, and as such influencers of the brand identity.
Just a few rapid questions are the tools that allow us to analyze in detail starting from spontaneity, by exploring perception, feelings and purchase intention. The results are the fundamental elements of a strategy that divides the cluster, finds focus communication areas, designs initiatives that are in line with target habits.


Our researches are targeted investigations of clusters of non-media players, they aim at analyzing the conditions of brand communication.
We send short questionnaires to CEOs, marketing managers and communication managers.
This means that opinion leaders of the business community receive a customized communication.
Upon request of the client, and according to the shared strategy, we send also internal surveys by using HR and trade tools.
This is linked to the realization and management of tailor-made interactive tools: data are collected on the basis of specific and customized strategies.

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