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Media Relations

Media Relations

In our communication projects the brand talks directly and incisively through storytelling.
Only in this way, with a structured planning, public is provided with real and creative contents, that speak about the company and its values. Thanks to this planning, we are sure we are promoting the brand in all its aspects, corporate and product, and in all the relevant markets, in Italy or abroad.
We listen to public, both offline and online: in this way our digital pr are always updated and efficient in terms of reputation and knowledge.

We measure any action, including regards to the Return on Investment: we use external measurement systems, and if necessary, we use also Horus, our proprietary software for the evaluation of results.
We always monitor the activity, by taking also into account the commercial objectives of the clients; we consider measuring as a strategic and project tool.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis tools

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Clients of the Media Relations division

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