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Say What was awarded the tender called by Bosch in 2015 to communicate the brand Switch of Junkers Bosch in 2016-2017 and to present new heating products.

Say What designed and managed a television branded content, broadcast on La5, with Gaia De Laurentiis, supported by a Bosch expert, in which 11 families opened their homes in order to plan in their houses a different future thanks to the technology of Bosch products; a truck tour: the truck, that hosted the new Bosch heating products, stopped in 15 cities and it had been visible on Italian roads for 99 days. The tour was used for the casting in order to find the protagonists of the television format broadcast on La5.

Finally Say What developed a complete social and digital strategy: the realization of a dedicated web site, realized in order to provide information about original initiatives promoted by the brand to customers and consumers; promotion activities through social media; DEM creation.

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