In questa sezione è possibile inserire ad esempio i contatti, social, o qualsiasi altro elemento che può essere aperto in qualunque momento in alto nel menu.


Say What has supported the launch of Mixology, brand MGallery by Sofitel project of Accor group in collaboration with Andrea Berton. The famous chef has created 13 cocktail Mixology made especially for the hotels boutique MGallery and inspired by the refined hospitality of the Italian structures.

Say What has structured a digital pr activity through the selection and involvements of food and famous lifestyle blogger in the Italian panorama, able to represent the distinctive features of the brand: elegance, excellence and attention to detail. We have involved in the project the influencers GnamBox, Nonsolofood, Filippo Cirulli, Michael Gardenia and Alessia Bossi, building with them an editorial plan with teaser activities during and after the event.

We have organized an exclusive masterclass on the rooftop of the LaGare hotel in Milan during which the invited influencers have tried to prepare cocktails with the art of mixology after Chef Berton’s wise demonstration.

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