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Say What managed the opening event of the new headquarters in Turin and the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Tierra Spa.
The visit of the new headquarter has become an unexpected and innovative experience that has communicated the company, its values and its essence, through an immersive and interactive technological show.

Digitization and virtualization drive man to create new and increasingly evolved scenario where new paradigms generate ecosystems composed of technology, design and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin: in this functional vortex the man-technology relationship is consumed today, which is one of the most interesting and controversial issues. Art and the future, communication and innovation are measured daily in a challenge that can cross uncharted borders through revolutionary synergies.

Tierra represents the brand able to create this surprising link between artistic expression and technology where each meeting point is given only by the mutual understanding and valorization of the parts.
In an environment that has become the “ digital window of Tierra “ technology has learned “ to give a sense to human artistic expression, independently developing tools to capture and interpret reality. The movement of a performer has been transformed into music and images, into a path of mutual knowledge that has seen the atavistic human expression immersed in the digital flow.

At the end the viewer was invited to personally experience this encounter, creating their own connections and interacting with the environment.

Following a gala dinner at the prestigious headquarters of Palazzo Madama, closed the celebration of the first 10 years of the company.

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