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Qualitative and quantitative analysis tools

Horus: proprietary system for results evaluation


Horus is our system of qualitative and quantitative analysis of press releases. Every article is analyzed on the basis of advertising prices lists and readership data, in order to collect the following data:

Total media coverage: the gross advertising cost of the editorial space occupied by the articles, it is expressed in economics -> objective and assessed data that are in line with the logic of marketing mix

GRP: percentage that expresses the pressure of the message on the target -> these are the real strategic data because they represent the efficiency of communication on the audience

At the same time, assessing the quality of communication means we can monitor brand positioning: the qualitative analysis is designed to highlight all the elements that give value to the brand, from the picture to the semantic form of the headline, to the corporate and/or functional “quoted” text. In this way the analysis of the perception of the message is a priority to define an efficient project for brand notoriety.

AVP is the numerical index resulting from the sum of the GRP of the press release and a qualitative value -> these are the data that are important in a qualitative and quantitative vision, they represent the real gauge of the press release


Discover Horus

If you want to try our system, you can have a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your press review. Horus will provide you its evaluation.

Click here, upload your press review, from a single clipping up to the articles of a month, and you will receive the evaluation.

Kantar Media and Mimesi: external evaluation systems

The service provides an accurate monitoring of press, web and social media information. It enables the quantitative analysis of all the press review or of a selection of articles. This allows the client to measure in real time the impact of communication on all media in terms of articles, OTS (opportunities to see) and AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent).
The monitoring of social media is able to analyze in real time all contents published on 65,000 web sites, 30,000 forums, 100 million Blogs and the main social media in 190 countries around the world.
All selected articles are available also on a customized web platform that allows the client to:

• Consult the articles by filtering them by date, type of media, country or keyword
• Create reports concerning press reviews
• Share the press review with its own team, by adding comments and likes
• Classify articles according to the sentiment
• Underline key points that can be saved and shared on twitter

The service includes:

• Mailing list activity: addresses will receive the press review of the day at their own email address
• Consultation interface: it allows to consult the articles of all press reviews
• Indexing: every article will be indexed by date, newspaper, topic, title

For every article it provides data concerning diffusion, printing, readers (divided into men/women/purchasing managers) AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) calculated on the basis of the cost of the advertising page (source: advertising prices lists) and the space of the page devoted to the article (cm2).
A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the press and web review will be conducted by analysts. It will report the Sentiment of the article taken into account, the analysis of the topic, the optimization of the AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent). All information will be part of a customized report.

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